Tomin and Tor Martin ready to shoot Ironman Haugesund 70.3 2014 is a blog where the fujiboys share their experience of using fujifilm X-series cameras, lenses and accessories in their everyday photographic life.

We, the fujiboys, are Tomin Meling and Tor Martin Søndenå. A couple of neighbours in Norway sharing a common love for photography.



Tomin is a fulltime professional photographer focusing on portrait, wedding and comercial work. He's got creativity running in his veins coming from a very artistic family with a father who was a internationally recognized artist.

Tomin has a modern studio located on the main land of Karmøy just outside Haugesund on the west coast of Norway  and has over 20 years of experience as a photographer.

Beside working as a photographer Tomin also shares his wisdom trough arranging popular photo workshops and seminars. The winter of 2014 Tomin toured Norway and Sweden lecturing fellow photographers about his business and photographic philosophy.

Tomin has been a Nikon shooter for years, but bought a fujifilm X-pro1 a couple of years ago. The X-pro1 has mostly been used for his private work, but he claims that it is the most satisfying camera he has owned. 

Seeing how Fujifilm is working with the photographic community making each new X-series camera better on the important areas, has gotten him convinced that mirrorless is the future. Watcing all the reviews of the X-T1 has awaikened  an excitement and a desire for a camera he hasn't felt in many years. Tomin is a true fujiboy!!


Tor Martin

Tor Martin is amateur photographer who works as an engineer in his day job. Tor Martin is the multi talented, deep digging DIY-person who thinks he can do anything. At least until the opposite is proven. And even then he can't help trying again. He sees every new day as an opportunity to learn and to explore new thing. Tor Martin is the one who signed up for an Ironman triathlon without being able to swim more than 25m and being unconfortable on the deep side of a pool, thinking that "if others can do it, so can I!" ...and he did.

Tor Martin stumbled into photography in the early summer of 2012 when his wife bought a DSLR before they were about to go on holiday. He got hooked and by the end of the summer he had gone from the cheap DSLR to a fullframe Canon.

Beeing a deep digger and a quick learner Tor Martin often gets good at what he puts his mind to. He has become a decent photographer and he invested hard earned cash into professional Canon fullframe gear. After collecting Canon gear for a couple of year and finally getting the kit complete he got caught by the hype of the upcoming X-T1. Tomin had been speaking warmly about fujifilm for a long time and got Tor Martin convinced. Mirrorless is the future. At the time of writing all the Canon gear are up for sale and Tor Martin has the X-E2, X-T1, XF18-55, XF55-200, XF23 and XF56 on order. He's becoming a true fujiboy